Squad Bracelets | World of Squad.

The Netherlands | Origins

At Squad Bracelets we are creating fashionable luxury bracelets high quality bracelets for him and her. Therefor we only use precious metals and rare kinds of leather.

No more beads, only the best for you and your SQUAD. Your SQUAD is unique and able to conquer the world. Every individual got his or her own power and strengthens each other like the 925 Sterling Silver and Python leather do. Just like our SQUAD strengthens each other in order to create the best possible bracelet for you. Made out of only high quality materials to make you feel as special as the King or Queen you are. The simple and solid locking system will take care of your treasure, possible adorned with Swarovski stones.

All of the parts will come seperately to The Netherlands and will be handcrafted to your unique bracelet.

Welcome in the 21th century. Welcome to the World of SQUAD

Indonesia | Python Leather

The Python leather is an extreme durabale leather with a beautiful look and feel. The leathers will be reworked in three stages:

  • The process starts with the color dying, the Python skins have dramatic scale patterns which are still visable after being dyed. The chemicals being used for this are always duo the european standards.
  • All our skins are reworked after coloring to maintain the color and increase quality.
  • After this process the skin will be rolled and glued around cow leather cords by hand.

The inside of the bracelet is filled with 100% real cow leather. The cow leather gives the bracelet a flexible but still very strong structure to make sure it’s a durable and wearable piece.

China | Silver

The silver which is used contains for 92.5% pure silver, the other 7.5% is made of copper. This is done to create strenght to the silver as 999 silver (also knows as Fine silver) is bendable and will be way to soft to create something like a bracelet with.

In some of our designs there are Swarovski crystals layed in the 925 Sterling Silver. These Swarovski stones are layed in by hand using a wax setting. After that the Silver is casted. Which makes sure the Swarovski crystals stay exactly in place.

Some of our designs are finished in black. This black PVD is coated over the Sterling Silver.

Denmark | Packaging

All our products will be delivered in a gift box. The box contains a soft pillow to keep the round shape of the bracelet.

Together with the box you will recieve product care information to keep the bracelet in outstanding condition.